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From Darkness to Hope

One of my goals each day is to gain insight into a human emotion. Perhaps this sounds weird to you, but to me, it is very helpful to better my understanding of humanity and learn what motivates people to keep on keeping on?

Today’s post is about HOPE. Yesterday, I received an email from a favorite business closing its doors until March of 2021. I was shocked, yelled “no way,” felt a whole lot of emptiness, and could feel my entire insides tighten up in real time. The email expressed their profound sadness surrounding this closure and their intense grief felt for employees, patrons, surrounding businesses/community, uncertainties and unknowns.

Towards the bottom of this heartfelt, gut-wrenching notice, words outlined the company’s commitment to live with hope despite pain. Their carefully written message shifted its focus from sorrow and grief to holding onto glimmers of hope. It encouraged customers to work extra hard at communicating positive words on social media, offer positive deeds in the community, and support one another through random acts of kindness. We all know positivity will not save businesses from closing but for them, this is their ask during their time of temporarily closing their doors. The email ended by announcing their commitment to recover, adapt, grow, and emerge in new ways.

I realize this is not a happy time in history. I recognize we are in the same storm but we are not in the same boat. For many, it’s been life altering.

So my question to you today is what motivates you to keep going? What are your small or big, irrational and/or rational glimmers of HOPE?

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