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Post Anonymously to Mental Health Navigators

Want to ask an anonymous question where you won’t be identified? If you’re a member of our Facebook Group and need support on a challenging issue happening in your life, you can post anonymous questions directly to Mental Health Navigators. 


1)  Join our Facebook Group or if already a member, login

2) Where you normally would Post a question/comment, click the "Anonymous Post" button.


3) Accept the Facebook Anonymous Post notification and click the "Create Post" button.


4)  Write your question / comment / Post and click the "Submit" button.

5) Accept the Facebook Anonymous Post notification again.


6)  Your Post will be sent to the Group Admin for approval. Note that the Admin will see your name and profile.


7)  The Facebook Group Admins (Robin or Toni) will NEVER share your name or information with others and once approved, they will no longer see your name or profile.

8) Once the Admin has approved your Post, it will go live on the Group Page and NOT show your name or profile rather, it will appear to come from a "Group Member."

9) When others comment on your Post, their names and profiles will be shown, however, you always remain anonymous.

10) If you choose to comment on your own Post, note that your name and profile MAY then be seen by others as the person making the comment, yet no one would associate the original Post with you. 

Mental Health Navigators

Mental Health Navigators Anonymous Support


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