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When "I" is Replaced with "WE" Illness Becomes Wellness.

Introducing Mental Health Navigators, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to decreasing the stigma related to mental health issues, providing a caring community of support, and raising the visibility of mental health treatment resources.  

Mental Health Navigators is a safe and comforting space for parents, guardians, friends, and those dealing with mental health issues to come together to share experiences, receive support, and to obtain expert guidance and resources to navigate through the mental health system. In addition, MHN is a go-to organization for training, workshops, and advocacy related to ending the stigma of mental health, educating on where impacted individuals can turn to for help, and ensuring parents/guardians receive the assistance necessary to manage a child's mental health issue.

As a non-profit organization, Mental Health Navigators is led by a small group of paid professionals and a large group of volunteers to provide its varied online and in-person one-to-one and one-to-many services. Mental Health Navigators is funded through programming (e.g., educational presentations), individual donations, corporate partnerships, corporate donations, partnerships/grants from healthcare organizations and insurance companies, government grants, and fundraising events.

Mental Health Navigators is served by a Board of Directors and Board of Advisors made up of experts in mental health therapy, traditional and alternative health, law, marketing, and fundraising along with mental health advocates, students, business and human resource executives, and other community stakeholders.

Mental Health Navigators does NOT provide therapy. Rather, Mental Health Navigators provides online peer-to-peer and group support and in-person one-on-one support for those needing to discuss their child's or their own mental health journey. In addition, Mental Health Navigators is the clearinghouse of vetted mental health information, with recommendations personalized to each individual’s needs. The Mental Health Navigators mental health resource search engine helps pareents access  information, resources, and tools related to depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, eating disorders, substance abuse and more.


Mental Health Navigators is open to everyone and features support and resources dedicated to the specific needs of diverse populations including LGBTQ, youth, minorities and those with learning disabilities. Through its varied services and offerings, Mental Health Navigators is an inclusive community of all individuals and families dealing with mental health issues. Mental Health Navigators is a safe place for community members to disclose and share their experiences and expertise, and to seek and provide assistance when needed. Mental Health Navigators creates an environment and culture where mental health is spoken of, acknowledged, and respected just like physical health.


No longer will anyone have to feel alone when struggling with a mental health issue.

Mental Health Navigators
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